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An Approach to Trading Shares

Trinity is a trading method that looks for likely trend breaks for a profitable entry to buy or sell financial instruments. It was originally developed for shares, but can be equally well applied to other instruments such as index warrants, futures, commodities, etc.

The project is very much "work in progress" and new documents may be issued whenever time permits. So, feel free to return frequently and check for updates.

The blue buttons below link to web pages that can be viewed directly. The green ones link to PowerPoint presentations that you may download and view offline. And the pink link points to a collection of "Musings" that I have posted at various times and Fora, which I like to share with a wider audience.

Templates are zipped files that must be downloaded and saved into your Analyser's Charts folder. They have been designed for and work with Market Analyser 6/ Professional, a Trading program that can be found at MDSnews.com; see "Links" pages.

Any programs, scripts (plotted or entry) and trading systems mentioned in these pages can be licensed by e-mail. Some license charges may apply. Scripts that run under the Market Analyser will be coded to an individual operator (user name) and only run when that operator is logged-on. Should you intend to avail yourself of successive Free Trials of MA Pro, you will need to re-purchase a new license each time you change operator codes.

Ver 1: April 2003

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Ver 2: June 2005

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