Double top setup here, i've entered today @ $17.24.


Update: On this occasion the setup worked out nicely, and the $16.00 target was hit, although the ride was rather bumpy along the way, but then again, the broader market has been a little bumpy aswell !

Using CFD's: Short sell 5,000 @ $17.24 will require $4,310 for margin. Close the trade @ $16.00 will yield $6,033.80 NET profit after commissions. Thats 140% return on investment in about 5 weeks.

Remember: When trading CFD's, you'll need more than just the margin required to enter the trade incase the stock moves against you a bit. Lets face it, not even the best traders in the world can get their entries exactly right all of the time.


Disclaimer: The above mentioned information is my opinion only, and NOT to be taken as advice as i am NOT a licensed advisor. Caveat emptor.

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