Funny Emails n' Stuff !!

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For some stupid reason I always find myself stuffing around with computers, even when I'm not at work ! (sad eh?)

Anyway, I've decided I'm gonna make a "fun" website, where I will post all sorts of funny stuff, and interesting stuff, weird stuff......

just heaps of FUN STUFF !!

It's gonna take time, but I don't think it will be all that long before I have enough stuff here to pass a bit of time :o)

Please add the site to your favourites and check back from time to time.

Have "Fun" !

Links are in ascending order from most recently posted.

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Free Hugs !!

Aussie Heatwave

As happy as a.......

Creative Photography

Music Test

Fishing For Cod(vid)


Random Cool Pics


The incredible flying man!(vid)

Big Deck!(vid)

Evolution of dance(vid)

Animator Vs Animation(vid)

Animator Vs Animation Part2(vid)

Show them to me(vid)

Berocca in the fish tank(vid)

It MUST be true !

Blowup Doll (R)

Happy Easter !

Spooky Deep Sea Creatures

Don't smoke in bed

Cute Animal Pics

Is this what you'd call "Bum Fluff" ?

Knock, Knock......

T Shirts (May Offend)

The Matrix 4 ??

You know your date is going well when.... (Very R rated)

You Know your date is going BAD when.....

Signs and Billboards( rated R)

Bull !

Big !

Body painting (rated R)

Nice Melons!


Jokes ! (Text only)

More Computer enhanced pictures

The Tong Master


I found Nemo !

You've heard of Monkfish, these are Punkfish

How well can you hold your grog? ( rated R)

Penthouse Pig of the month

Speed Kills


A Chick with a really cute Pussy

Water birth (very graphic photo)

OOPS !! Accidents and mishaps

Wet T-Shirt (for the boys)

Hand Paintings

Funny Food Brands

Computer enhanced pictures

What do you get when you cross a.....

Dog Food Comercials

Freaky Frog

The latest in extreme sports

Passing out while drunk can be hazardous to your reputation

A great way to get (most) men to quit smoking

How many men are in this picture?

Hollywood Stars - Before make-up / After make-up

Funny Newspaper Ads


This is a real cracker !!