CNM - Carnegie Group 10-12-07 (updates down the page)
Bought  4-12-07 @ 18.5c.

This one is now at critical point. Price could break out of this pennant on this test of resistance - which is only the 3rd test. A 3rd test breakout is more bullish than a 4th test breakout, especially when price is still within 3/4 of the pennant.
Price may well retrace a little and form a higher low then crash through on the 4th attempt, which would still suit me fine, but if price gets through resistance on this attempt, the move could be explosive, i want a piece of THAT action !
However, if price does retrace a little and set up the 4th test breakout... i'll use the retracement as an accumulation opportunity.

Solid buying support is evident.

Update: 11-12-2007
Breakout today, hoping to buy more on any sign of profit taking.

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