From Heidi To Ian.

I made a promise I wanted to keep,

A promise Id never fall too deep,

The one I wanted all else above,

Id never ever fall in love,

Not again and never more,

That all changed when you walked in the door,

My heart skipped a beat,

My mind I would cheat,

For the promise Id kept,

Disappeared when I wept,

That tiny tear for you,

And I knew through and through,

That my heart you had stole,

I am left with a hole,

Not one of pain,

But of love just the same,

As a wave breaks into the shores,

Please know that I am truly yours.

From Ian To Heidi.

Weve known each other a few short weeks,

From smiling so much, I have aching cheeks.

Youre the girl I used to see,

Bouncing along so happily.

Id think to myself, wow, what a smile,

Id wish you were mine, if for only a while.

Reality check, right in the guts,

Shes too good for you man, youre going nuts!


I had always hoped, Id get the chance,

To talk to you,  and maybe advance,

Advance my way, into your heart,

And give you mine, so they are not apart.

Youre the girl who I adore,

You have my soul, forever more.


Protect you always, is what Ill do,

Love and laughter, I offer to you.

So take me now, and keep me close,

Shes my Girl, I will proudly boast.

Warm with love and safe from harm,

All for you, under my arm.