Old Brunswick Heads Local Trawlers
If any locals can help name these photo's, or have others they wouldn't mind sharing, then please email me

Danika at the front?

Byron Light

Jubilee on the bottom, south of Bruns bar in about 16 fathoms.

Jubilee on Torakina beach after being dragged in (along the bottom) by "Madonna" and "Northern Light"

Lester Phillips'  "Betty"

Eastern Star's first encounter with strife. Beached at New Brighton.

Not sure, looks like "Two ee's" ?

Not sure, thought Bienke's, but i think thats Tim the Bream on deck?

Allan Dunbar's "Monarch" ... nice surf ;-)

Unsure, table with no icebox is a clue though....

Tim The Bream and Marksy?

No idea, thought the chook, but probably to old to be him.




Doris Edna, formerly Dalby... or is it Tradewinds?

Eastern Star's demise.

Sad day for the Eastern Star, and for Lester Phillips.

Jubilee being dragged in.

Jubilee, almost at Torakina.

No words needed, heartbreaking. Around 1973?

Carramar? ironically, Jubilee on top of the water - hope they weren't poking fun, bad karma :-p