Just thought i'd share one "bottom picking" strategy, even though its socially unacceptable, there will be many opportunities coming up when confidence returns to the market, which is inevitable - it's just a question of when.

This chart is showing some signs of a POSSIBLE turn. I've pointed out the divergence on the chart below (light blue), just to show those that don't know about divergence. Notice on the price chart (candles) Low A is higher than low B, which forms a lower low, whereas, on the MACD and RSI low A is lower than low B, forming a higher low.

This is not an indicator to take a trade right away, but its an early indicator that trend is slowing, and momentum is changing - so we should be on the lookout for other bullish indicators to start showing.

Next thing i notice is the volume around low A.... its big..this means buyers are heavy, but there's still sellers....then volume dropped off as price fell further...that means sellers still have control, but the decreasing volume means there's not many of them left. Now we are at low B - and volume is starting to pick up again.... but notice this time the volume is not as heavy as low A. Of course there's not, because the buyers are having trouble finding sellers ! This is an encouraging backup to the signs showing on MACD and RSI. Trend is still down, so its still dangerous - but its definately worth keeping a close eye on.... perhaps even attempt a trade on - provided you keep a very strict stop loss.

This morning price gapped up above the immediate resistance level, known as FTFF (First Test First Fail) level. When price retraced to close this mornings gap, i took a small position, with the idea of adding to my position if price can close as an overlap of low A. If that can occur, its yet another tick in the box that this thing is turning, all we'd need then is a higher low to form - time will tell. I will be keeping a tight stop on this initial position, if if closes back down below this recent resistace level that it cleared this morning ($1.05), i'll step aside with minimal damage, and go back to watching for the next trigger.