The 2 day count back entry.

Be advised that this setup is only an ENTRY strategy.

Step 1: Apply 13 day Turning Points (TP) to your template - ignore period 3.

Step 2: Identify a TP low (doesn't matter if it's not locked in)

Step 3: Count back 2 Higher Highs (HH) (Candles MUST have HH's, if a preceding candle does not have a HH, use the next candle with a HH)

Step 4: Place an alert for a CLOSE above that 2nd HH.

Step 5: Once price closes above the alert, place a buy in the market at the alert (trigger)level.

Step 6: Wait no longer than 10 trading days for your buy order to be filled. (some people may not like to have capital tied up this long, I wait 5 days then cancel and place a price alert at our buy price, incase it is hit within the next week).

Once your order is filled, then it's up to the individuals risk profile to set stops. It's also up to the individual to determine their profit target.

Do some back testing and see how often this strategy works,

Here's an example on MCR.

And here's an example on CTX....

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