2006 Bartraders Bash !

Graysyn  had these made as a gift for all who attended. See, she is a darlin'... she's just good at covering it up ;-)

How cool are these ..... umm, coolers !! (wot a pun) if ya want one, you'd better drag yer arses to the next Bartraders bash !

She's still a naughty Girl though !

Friday arvo, time to knock off and grab a coldie......or 67

Elizabeth, Marg & Pancho....

and Blue.....

Kickin back... clockwise from far left. Barnzii, Katie (pink), Marketta, Rob, Elizabeth, Marg, Pancho (half hidden), Blue, Chris, Sophie.

Marketta and Rob.

Barnzii & yard apes.

Elizabeth and Blue.

Pancho after recieving a scratch right on the snout !

Elizabeth and Heidi cuttin' a rug

Elizabeth trying to get a random to dance with her

Still trying.....

Success !!

She tried Barnzii.... no success there though ;-)

Nor with Blue....

Barnzii & Heidi

And Elizabeth....

Contemplating whether the banana before bed hangover cure will work....

Blue and Graysyn.

Chris and Geoffro.

Marketta and Rob.

When the band stops..... it's Pool time !

Everyone gobsmacked at just how good Barnzii plays pool ;-)~

Rob explaining to Chris that there's no way they can win

They fluked a few, just to make it close.

Back to Barnzii's place for a few more games.....Final result Blue and Rob 2.... Barnzii and Graysyn 2. to be continued at the next bash !

ummm..... The End?